Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back in Laradise

This is how Koa travels (in the driver's lap)
Wow it's been a few months. OOPS! I seem to go through phases on this blogging thing and apparently the last few months I was in the "out" phase. In my defense,  I've been out of town/ out of state in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina and Colorado. And most of the trips I didn't bring a computer along (though with my new iPhone I was able to access the necessary stuff :)) Anyways, I'm back in Laramie, WY a.k.a. Laradise so hopefully this will be the first of many posts that aren't nearly so far apart. ( I realize most of these photos aren't great quality but at least I've been documenting my adventures)

and Lizzy in her happy place
Here are some updates to start off with:
1. I'm 100% cleared to play soccer (or do anything else) which means the doctors think my foot is completely healed. It still bothers me when I do certain things but hopefully 2.5 weeks is enough to work out the rest of the cobwebs and get back to soccer for good.

2. I've been pretty self conscious about my weight lately as I realized I didn't fit into some of my summer outfits from 2 years ago (I guess that makes since that I didn't fit but still...). My average weight has been somewhere between 155-160lbs and lately (after nearly 5 months with minimal to no work outs) I was pushing 170lb. I realize it's not a huge deal but every pound feels like 10 during preseason and that's the last thing I need when getting back from an injury... Thankfully I've been able to get back into running, biking, and eating right without too much effort and am back down to 162lbs. Let me be clear I'm not really trying to lose weight I just want to feel healthy again.

Dinner of Champions
3. Tomorrow is my last day as a teenager. It's kind of a crazy thought but a welcome one I guess. Bring on the twenties.

4. WE GOT FISH!!! We are now the proud owners of 2 fish (there were 3). We plan on getting more but for now we got ones that are supposed to be pretty hardy and friendly to hopefully . One of them is fascinated with this glass Fanta bottle that we have in there and escapes the currents of the filter by going inside it. We are so proud of our smart little guy.

5. I passed out at work and hit my cheekbone pretty hard. I got a little black eye and a nice scrape but nothing too serious. It was like 100 degrees in the building (well 90 degrees to be exact), it was 9:00pm and I hadn't eaten since lunch but I was just about to get off work. I was exhausted from a few days of travel and sadly 9:00pm is past my bedtime. I feel great now and other than a sore cheekbone felt fine immediately after too. I guess I should probably not put off eating and drinking at work especially when  I practically work in a sauna during the summertime.

6. One of my friends had a little baby girl a few weeks ago and she is ADORABLE!!! The older siblings want to play with her so bad and can't wait for her to be old enough to play with them. Isn't she cute!

7. We got some family pictures taken and they turned out AMAZING. If you're in Nebraska or the neighboring states my dad's cousin did a phenomenal job! Here's her Facebook page and the link to her website is on there too. Kam Kloth Photography

 Well that seems to be it for now. Happy July and Happy Birthday to my dear friend Lauren!