Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Almost Done...

As summer approaches there are many good things that are ending some of which I can't wait to be done with, some I don't care one way or another, and some I wish they could go on forever... but I'm almost done none the less and that's EXCITING!

- I'm almost done with my first year of college! All I have to do is make it through one week of classes and one week of finals.

- Well if my first year of college is almost over that means my time living in a dorm will be over too! Just one more week and I'm moving out and won't have to deal with drunk roommates, loud neighbors, broken heaters (read about that here), or community bathrooms!

-Days with my current roommate are also numbered and that means no more in-dorm soccer, or Law and Order marathons, or closet wall ball, or same room skyping, or sharpie tattooing, or "that should be your status update", or Phase10 marathons, or laughing nights, or CRAZY Walmart trips, or early morning "I love my             " (modeled after this video)

- (this one is already over but it deserved mentioning) College soccer is finally ended yesterday and I made it through preseason, season, conditioning & weights, and spring season. I get a month off and get to start up all over again so hopefully the second time is a bit easier.

- Lent is almost over which means two things: I get to enjoy a fabulous dinner with friends while celebrating our Precious Savior's victory over death AND I can get back on facebook and resume eating sweets (which I didn't miss nearly as much as I thought).

-Being a kid is almost over too, as yesterday I payed rent for the first time and this summer will be the first summer I don't spend with my family :(

I guess all good things must come to and end and thankfully all the bad things do too!

Friday, April 15, 2011


I look forward to the day when...

-School is a thing of the past and no one remembers what my GPA was

-I've figured myself out enough to be comfortable with a guy who thinks my imperfections are to die for

-my idea of relax doesn't mean a day off of soccer and an extra hour of sleep while I regret not getting work done

-laundry doesn't cost $4.00 per load and the clothes aren't even clean (they just smell better)

-I have my own dog who wags his tail and jumps around the moment I walk in the door even when I was only gone for a few minutes

-my brother and I are more than relatives

-winter only stays for a few weeks and the temperature stays in the 70s

-texting, laptops, facebook, and skype are obsolete and talking to people face to face doesn't make people uncomfortable

-the world stops caring about each other's outfits and starts caring more about each other as people.

-reaching out for help is a sign of strength

AND I look forward to the day when

-heaven isn't just a dream but a reality

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Follow Up on Dodgeball Tournament

WE WON! We were the underdogs and they even put us against the team with all the strength and conditioning coaches first! If you lose you're out but we just kept on going! I think our superhero costumes were the most important part of our strategy!

The dodgeball champion for 2011 is team....

2 Legit 2 Quit (in sign language)
Superhero Poses

CHAMPIONS (we beat 17 teams- 5 of which we played)
Flying Superheroes

Parking Ticket

I got my first ticket all because of a stupid pink pill (don't get any ideas...)! It was just a parking citation from the university transportation people but I am still irritated.

Everyone has heard of the lady telling the police officer that she is in labor and that's why she was speeding or the teenager who claims he's late for curfew and that's why he was going 25mph over right? Well I have my own TRUE story of this. Like I said in my previous post, I am house sitting and dog sitting which means I am not staying in the dorms (IT'S GREAT) but today on the way to class I grabbed a granola bar to eat in the car. Not a minute after I took a bite, I realized it had tree nuts in it --now usually I would have looked at the label but I had had this particular kind of granola bar before and wasn't allergic. Since I was already in the car I decided to head to the dorms, run to my room and get Benadryl. In the end, the crisis was averted (so I thought) and within a few minutes I was feeling a bit better and headed back down to the car.

I had parked in the drop off lane with my hazards on, which is something people do in non-emergent situations ALL THE TIME so I didn't even think much of it. Plus, I was a little more concerned about breathing and quite honestly the location of the car was not my top priority... I was in the building for less than 15 minutes and 5 of it was spent explaining to the RA at the front desk that I wasn't crying and my eyes were just watering (part of the allergic reaction).

When I walked outside I saw TransPark (aka the ticket people) walking away from my car. UGH! definitely not what I wanted to see after a 20 minute panic session. I waited to open it until I was driving to class and my jaw dropped when I saw the fine $75.00. Okay, I know that isn't a lot and any other day (meaning I parked there to grab something that was not a necessity) I would have just payed the fine and not bought cereal and milk for a few weeks but this was different.

Now I'm waiting for my appeal to be processed!...hopefully they understand.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


This week I get to move out of my 9x12 jail cell (aka my dorm room) and into a spacious home with a dog, kitchen appliances, cooking supplies, and a huge bed! I even get a car for the week. Can life get any better?
You may not believe me but guess what... IT CAN!!!

I get to do laundry for free, I don't have much homework to do, I found out that I got an A on the two tests I took last week and on a paper I wrote (by far the best part of my week), AND I have so much time to write today! PLUS today is the Student Athlete Dodgeball tournament with prizes for the winner and the team with the best costumes. Each team has to have guys and girls and at least two sports have to be represented. I'm with two volleyball girls, a shot put thrower, a javelin thrower, and a diver and we will be wearing black tights with superman underwear, a superman cape, and headbands with our super hero names on them! It is going to be EPIC. (I'll post pictures when I get a chance)

There are some definite struggles that I am working through right now but God has blessed me with a relaxing fun weekend and a mellow week!