Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LONG Time No See (Write)

I guess I have to start somewhere when it comes to getting back into blogging. So how about a "list style" update (I do far too many of these but it works I guess) to kickstart my next season of writing.

1) Because everyone thinks my life revolves around soccer, I'll start there :) The season finished a bit earlier than anticipated this year as we didn't make it into the conference tournament; The one that we nearly won last year. It seemed to be a big transition year with a new coach which presented some struggles so hopefully next year we can start building up again. But I got my fair share of playing time and am looking forward to making an even bigger impact next year.

3) I made some INCREDIBLE strides spiritually and, without going into much detail in this post, it ended with me getting baptized. My "Beyond Awesome" journey continues and I was just asked to share my testimony at the monthly FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) dinner and social next Monday. I'm nervous but so excited to share with my fellow athletes and hopefully some teammates what God has been doing in my life!

It was in the Laramie River and it was BEAUTIFUL


2) As always I tend to be recovering from some kind of injury every time I write (staying healthy is definitely going to be a New Years resolution). I managed to keep my body well most of the season but with 3 games left I completely tore the UCL in my left elbow at practice :( Long story short, I waited it out to see if my elbow would miraculously heal itself though the chances of it reattaching were pretty minimal BUT ended up having surgery 4 weeks ago to fix the damage... Rehab is going great and I'm 2 weeks ahead of schedule in regards to recovery time. My goal is to get back to 100% in time for our spring games which begin sometime around March so I still have a ways to go. I'll hopefully be getting cleared to do conditioning (other than stationary biking) on thursday as well as non-contact soccer skills. It will be several weeks before I can play goalie but at least I get to work out with my team and not be away from the game all together this time.

*The bruising was pretty nasty but the doctor said they can tell if the patient kept it elevated by where the bruising was;  bruising in the forearm means you let it hang and biceps and triceps means you kept it elevated. As you can see mine was definitely in the triceps so GO ME! And the next picture is what my daily rehab consists of. Step 1: I do homework while the trainer moves my arm. Step 2: I ice my elbow. Step 3:  repeat A LOT! But it's working.

3) School is crazy but I actually enjoy the chaos this semester. I think the variety of course topics helps me stay engaged: Physiology, Statistics for Social Sciences, Spanish, and Intro to LGBTQ/NS studies...My main focus is Physiology as I need to do well in it to get into nursing school (which is a whole 'nother story that I'll save for another post). My Stats class is a self paced online class, Spanish is SUPER easy though I am expanding my vocabulary, and Intro to LGBTQ/NS (other than being a mouthful to say) is definitely interesting though I still don't know what category of sexuality/gender the "N" and "S" stand for.

Now to the more random updates

4) I made my mom/ grandma's lasagna without any help and because it's a recipeless dish it may or may not turn out. It's one of those recipes that sounds something like this "a little of this, a lot of that, and some of these" and to be honest I may have mixed up the "a lot" and "a little" on a few things. Regardless, I'm cooking it and feeding it to people tomorrow however it turns out and hopefully it doesn't taste too bad.

5) I stayed in Wyoming over my short, but welcome, Thanksgiving break. My heart was definitely in North Carolina with my family but it was still nice to have a few days off here just to relax.  I actually had thanksgiving dinner at the same family's house as last year so I guess it's becoming a tradition. I missed my mom's signature stuffing more than anything but the meal was great and so was the fellowship... The next day, a friend and I went up to the Snowy Mountain Lodge for a night to just relax and enjoy the outdoors AND I saw a moose on my morning photography hike.... The lodge is owned by The WEST Institute an outdoor seminary school based out of my church and it's amazing; both the lodge and The WEST Institute (look it up).

I know it's blurry but I was trying to get to a clearing
to see him  so we were both moving.

I think that about does it for now but I assure you there will be more posts to come including the ones about my baptism and major/future career. Thanks for checking in :)