Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Love Story.... (someday)

I’m not thinking about the sweet comfort your arm provides
wrapped around me reaching down to lace your fingers through mine

I’m not thinking about my head on your beating chest
moving up and down as I feel your breath on my neck

I’m not thinking about your deep love for me
smiling ear to ear as I said “yes” with you down on one knee

I’m not thinking about the ring hugging my finger
as we made a promise to hold each other forever

I’m not thinking about our lazy honeymoon
staying up late and waking up early doing what new lovers do

I’m not thinking about what our kids will be like
popsicle smiles and laughter fingerprinting every corner of our house

I’m not thinking about growing old together
falling more and more in love with each wrinkle and gray hair

I’m not thinking about spoiling our children’s kids.
Too many curly haired blue eyed blondes to count

I’m not thinking about the words spoken with your last breath.
Our hands locked together with tears soaking the hospital bed

I can’t think about our life as if I know how it’ll turn out
Until I can put a name and a face to this man that I love
but still know nothing about.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

With two weeks of school down I can only hope that the next few go by just as fast. This week was supposed to be the one where I figure out my daily routine. You know the, "how long does it take to get to this class?" and "where will meal time fit into this schedule?" and "how much studying and homework will I need to do per week to get an A?" PLUS I had some non school related tasks on my to-do list that I would have loved to have done before Thursday's trip.

School started up last monday and after just three days of class soccer already had me out of school and out of state. After two days in Utah and two days in Colorado the team pulled back into Laramie, WY with two wins (apparently good things come in twos). Getting back into a routine on Monday was difficult knowing I would once again miss Thursday and Friday class to play soccer, this time in Washington. I felt as if I was just going through the motions to get to Thursday so I could just push school out of sight and mind... classes, lunch, soccer, dinner, homework, bed, repeat.

On top of school, I REALLY needed to go to Wal-Mart and restock my kitchen, I REALLY needed to mail off my brother's birthday present, I REALLY needed to have some "me" time, and I REALLY wanted to get organized but at the end of the day I always concluded that these things could wait leaving me scrambling to pack, finish the homework due at midnight, pick up some needed items at Wal-Mart, catch up with a friend, and find time to sleep before I had to report to the bus bright and early. Procrastination definitely got the better of me this week.... I did managed to cross off most of the things on my to-do list but my brother will have to wait another week to for his gift and my "me" time will also be postponed until next week.

After the craziness that one could hardly call a week, I made it to the bus with everything I needed for the next five days of soccer and could breathe a sigh of relief that life didn't pass me by this week. Though I had planned on catching up on sleep during our two hour drive to the Denver airport, when I realized the coaches were going to watch Good Will Hunting I couldn't resist staying up for those two hours to watch. After a long day of traveling and training my hotel bed never felt so good.

I guess getting back in the swing of things is going to have to wait until next week but I'm going to do my best to enjoy this little vacation even if I'm forced to spend it playing soccer....

BUT I did finish a photo project for a friend where I took some of my photos and added verses that she had chosen.  I think they turned out great!!!

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