Friday, January 14, 2011

Running with Brad

I'm back to school and I LOVE my class schedule! I have soccer at 7:45am until 9:45 and most of my classes are done by noon keeping my mornings jammed packed. I much prefer getting everything done in the morning and having the rest of the day to relax and for once in my life I get to take advantage of being a morning person. I rarely have anything in the afternoon which tends to be my least productive hours of the day -- Last semester was extremely difficult for me because my classes began at 8am went until 2pm and soccer started at 3pm ending somewhere around 6pm. On top of just being really busy, the most difficult part of the day began around 1pm (right when my motivation, energy, and overall function begins to decline for a few hours). I'm so glad this semester suits me better!--

But the last semester ended well with a trip to Nebraska to see all the cousins and my brother and I fell in love with the newest addition to the crazy bunch

Isn't his smile the cutest thing you've ever seen?

I mentioned soccer is in the mornings though I don't feel like I can even call it soccer since all we do is lift weights and run for two hours every morning. We are only allowed to train with our soccer coaches two hours a week until the 21st of February so that just means they give us a conditioning coach and a weights coach to punish us until then. BUT I play better in the morning, listen better in the morning, and learn better in the morning so I pray that this will be my season to shine! I'm definitely nervous about all the running and lifting sessions but it's nothing I can't handle. When my legs tighten up, my lungs begin to give out, and everyone seems to be passing me I just need to remind myself that I am capable of finishing!

On another note, I want to celebrate someone's life today! I friend of mine died this week and for the first time in his life he is able to run, dance, jump for joy, and enjoy life in a way that he never has before. Brad had a muscle condition that made nearly every task difficult and/or painful but I want to celebrate the fact that he is no longer trapped in a body that doesn't work the way it should. So while I stand in line waiting to sprint the length of the soccer field again I'm going to remember what a blessing it is that I CAN run. Running is something that Brad only dreamt of and now he can finally do it too! So this spring season I'm running WITH Brad! As he runs for the first time in heaven I will be running with him here!

Brad your strength was incredible and you will be missed dearly!

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