Saturday, January 8, 2011


I loved being home for break! I met up with friends watched movies, read books, and mainly just took a break from my busy life in college. I loved hearing about friend's college experiences and can't wait to make some more of my own HERE!... in Wyoming! Nearly every person I talked to asked "Isn't Laramie the worst place to go to school since it's cold, small, and boring?" "Have you run out of things to do yet?" "It must be horrible! Do you want to transfer?"

NO, NO, and NO! It isn't the worst place to go to school! Yes it's cold but I received plenty of warm clothes for Christmas. It is small but it's only as small as you make it. I love laramie and the people here and this is where I feel most at home so why wouldn't I be in Laramie? There are plenty of things to do that the college puts and on top of that I have an incredible group of friends who are creative when it comes to finding activities to pass the time. So as you can see it isn't horrible and I don't wan't to transfer because I love it here. But then someone says, "but it's Wyoming," as if Wyoming is a prison or some kind of torture camp.

I don't think Wyoming is right for everyone and if you've been here (for more than a drive through) you can think whatever you want of it but I feel judged when people just assume it is miserable here. I don't like when people ask me why i settled with Wyoming when I could have gone to a "better" college in a "better" state and by "better" all they mean is something they would like more. Someday they'll understand that I like it here and I'll realize it doesn't matter what they think anyway :) But whether others like it or not I wish they could appreciate the beauty that is here!

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Beth said...

You know I don't love Wyo, but I'm glad you're happy there. Never let me make you feel that I think it isn't good enough. You make it what it is, and I am so happy it's home for you now. Every place has things to love.