Sunday, January 2, 2011


I've never liked New Years resolutions but I appreciate the fact that people recognize the need for change in their lives. I love the idea of choosing a few areas in life to work on but I don't like that it is limited to a new years. I guess all I'm saying is if you think something about your life needs adjustments than make them and don't wait around saying you'll do it next year. Too many people struggle keeping their new years resolutions because they don't set smaller goals for themselves throughout the year. Then New Years comes around and they make HUGE goals and don't know how go about accomplishing them. So this year I've decided to list a few smaller resolutions I've come up with and once those are accomplished (could take a week or a year) I will come up with a few new ones. So here are a few of my mini new years resolutions.

  • Get into the Word. I don't have to read chapters and chapters every day but it could be as simple reading a few verses in the morning before class to remind me where my focus should be throughout the day.
  • Try hard at one thing every day. Being busy means dividing time and energy amongst many different events, hobbies, and obligations but if I choose just one to be my main focus I find the whole day goes smoother. Even if that means choosing to put all my effort into making a delicious dinner :)
  • and last but not least: I'm going to cause less drama. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous because I'm not dramatic according to most people's definition of the word but it's something I'd like to work on for me to feel better about myself and my friendships.

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